**UPDATE** 5 new Videos were added below, on August 6th 2017, that answer ‘Who is a Trusted Wealth Professional?’ and ‘Who is Gerry?’  You are welcome to download the TWP Media PDFs to complement the videos  (#10 on the Resources tab).  These videos explain the origins of Buy & Rule and Rule Your Wealth.

Please Note: Trusted Wealth Professionals, TWP, ‘soft launched’ on June 9th 2017 to coincide with the submission of The Beep Brief to the CSA/OSC. The Beep Brief was a response to the CSA/OSC CONSULTATION PAPER 81-408 regarding the discontinuation of Embedded Commissions. The Beep Brief, and Beep Brief Back Matter, PDFs can be found in the Resources tab of the TWP website.

Welcome to Trusted Wealth Professionals and thank you for your time today.

My name is Gerry Gabon and I am the founder of this Educational website.

Trusted Wealth Professionals was created to help Canadian investors address 3 everyday questions:

  1. Am I with the right Advisor? Can my Advisor offer me all the Investment Products, Services and Styles that I may require to grow and protect my Wealth?
  2. Fees? Am I paying the right amount?  Am I paying too much or are my fees basically correct?  Better still, do I understand what my fees provide to me?
  3. And if something goes wrong in the markets, or in my portfolio, do I understand why? And are there remedies or changes that need to be made.

To answer these Investors’ Wealth questions, Trusted Wealth Professionals was created and now encompasses:

  1. The CIC Course. The Canadian Investors’ Course.  It’s online now, and available to no charge.  There are 17 Sessions in the CIC Course, each with their own Commentary section.  Feel free to download and print the PDFs beforehand, and share the links.  And it’s OK to include your family members, friends and even your accountant.  Again, all at no charge.
  2. The Golden Swan newsletter. It’s monthly and features Gerry’s Crosses; it is emailed to you in PDF form.  Again, at no charge.   And no advertising as well.
  3. Static information. The section for Business Owners and Rules Based Investing will be updated, but only every so often.  The Investment Style Buy & Rule ® will featured in the Rules Based Investing section of the Trusted Wealth Professionals website.
  4. Blogs, the dynamic Information. There are 9 Blogs as of June 2017, and they range from Wealth Headlines to Humour.  The James Bond Report and FANG Shui provide interesting perspectives on the world of investing.
  5. Email access direct to me via AskGerry@TrustedWealthProfessionals.com or access to a local trusted Wealth Professional through the TWP LOCATOR.  You can connect with a Trusted Wealth Professional in your area to help you understand the Products, Services and Investment Styles that are described on the Trusted Wealth Professionals website and within the CIC Course.  And don’t forget to ask about Buy & Rule ®.

Once again, thank you for your time today, and please remember to Rule Your Wealth.

Note: Trusted Wealth Professionals is not a stock recommendation website and features no advertising (and no pop-ups either).  Trusted Wealth Professionals cannot take any responsibility for any investor investment decisions.


**Note** The 5 new Videos below are visually supported by the TWP Media PDFs (including the TWP Pyramid) and can be downloaded from #10 on the Resources tab.

Video Update #1: Who is Gerry Gabon? — Part 1 of 2

Gerry does his research.  He Digests, Distills and then finds a way to Display the content such that it may be easily remembered.  This is the basis of Memorable Wealth Leadership and why Buy & Rule and Rule Your Wealth were created.

Video Update #2: Who is a Trusted Wealth Professional? — Part 1 of 3

Trusted Wealth Professionals can offer Canadians all the Investment Products, all the Investment Services and practice all the Investment Styles.  And be careful of the ‘Bad’ Advisor and the ‘Downtown’ Advisor.

Video Update #3: Who is a Trusted Wealth Professional? — Part 2 of 3

With many regulatory and socioeconomic changes occurring, it is quite likely that Canadians with investable assets starting at $100,000, and certainly more than $250,000, will find themselves investing with a Trusted Wealth Professional.  Canadians with investable assets below these thresholds most likely will be investing with Robo-Advisors, but still should educate themselves through the use of the CIC Course, as well as signup for the Golden Swan monthly newsletter.

Video Update #4: Who is Gerry Gabon? — Part 2 of 2

Trusted Wealth Professionals provides connections, between Canadians and IIROC Life-Licensed advisors.  These Advisors can offer all the Products, all the Services and all the Investment Styles including Buy & Rule ®.

Video Update #5: Who is a Trusted Wealth Professional? — Part 3 of 3

Licencing matters.  The highest licensed advisors can do work for you, they make a difference and they care about your Wealth Outcomes.  If you are an ‘aspiring’ HNW individual or an ’emerging’ HNW individual, the highest licensed advisors, Trusted Wealth Professionals, can help you on your path to full HNW status. Capital Preservation is paramount on this journey.  The highest licensed advisors will help you create a plan and then Rule Your Wealth.

The CIC Course and all the material on this website is available on a ‘no charge’ basis.  Feel free to share with family, friends, accountants and colleagues as well as subscribing to the Golden Swan newsletter.