CIC Course

Thank you for clicking on the introduction to the CIC Course of the Trusted Wealth Professionals website.

The CIC Course, the Canadian Investors’ Course, is an online, no-charge overview of the investment products, services and style that Trusted Wealth Professionals can offer you.  It is currently divided into 17 Sessions, each with their own Commentary.  And there are PDFs of each Session, so you may print the course if you desire and take notes.  The Sessions are generally 10-20 charts in length and can be taken over and over again.  There’s no-charge, feel free to share the links with your family, friends and even your accountant.

The CIC Course starts with Session 1 Income Investing, short-term, and covers Bonds, and ends with Session 17 Investor Psychology, that’s you and your emotions when investing. Sessions 8 & 9 that cover the Investment Industry and Fees are proving to be quite popular.  The 17 Sessions, as of May 2017, are identified further below in this text encapsulation.

My own personal favourite is Session 15, Rules Based Investing, where the investment style Buy&Rule is overviewed, but feel free to click on any Session and stop/start at your leisure.  There’s also no test J.

So take the CIC course as often as you like, and if you need to reach out to me, please use contact information on the Contact page.

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Note: Trusted Wealth Professionals is not a stock recommendation website per se and features no advertising (and no pop-ups either).  Trusted Wealth Professionals does not bind any investor with any investment decision(s).


Outline for the CIC Course, the Canadian Investors’ Course.