Session 14: Investment Strategies

The active links for the complete CIC Course, the Canadian Investors’ Course, are listed below.  Please use these links to move from Session to Session.

Note: The CIC Course, an Introduction and then  17 Sessions + 17 Commentaries, were uploaded on June 7th of 2017.  This is the ‘Alpha’ release of the CIC Course.

You can download the CIC Course PDFs individually, or navigate to the Resources tab,  where you can download the entire CIC Course; in one complete 19Mb Zip file, or two Zip files ‘halves’, approximately 10Mb each.

The videos with Voice Narration for the CIC Course will follow upon when fine-tuning of the CIC Course is no longer required.  This will transition the CIC Course from release ‘Alpha’ to release ‘Golden’.

Please enjoy the CIC Course at present and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you in advance.