As your business matures, and you experience business cycles, there will be an Evolution to your Wealth Management Strategy.  The use of various incorporated business structures (OpCo and HoldCo), and possibly a Family Trust, can be conjoined with Wealth Management:

  1. for today (via Remuneration),
  2. for post-business ownership (ie. Retirement),
  3. and even further beyond (ie. Estate).

Wealth Management involves many strategies, some of them available through certain product offerings, but the guiding principles are:

  1. You don’t have enough Wealth. The proverbial “How Big Is Your Stack?”
  2. Tax minimization, or deferral, is critical in the context of Wealth Generation, and
  3. Fees, in the context of professional Wealth advice/guidance, are invaluable.

The purpose of this Condensed Overview is to help business owners by serving as a memory aid and inspiring ideation.

Please interact with your existing, or new, team of Wealth Professionals, and don’t hesitate to question everything.    Too often examples have specific assumptions and a famous person once said “If You Allow Me to Control the Assumptions, I Can Convince You of Everything”.  Your questions will not only be to understand the Go-Forward options, but also the 3 Life Scenarios of:

  1. Can’t Fund, possibly through bankruptcy, and perhaps as soon as the day after I sign the documents
  2. If I die, or when I die, what happens re: tax and Wealth Transfer?
  3. Family Dissolution, through matrimonial breakdown or other family matters

The primary goal is to achieve $200,000 free cash flow per year and climb the ‘aspiring’ and ‘emerging’ rungs of the HNW ladder.   Unless you have a subsidized Income/Lifestyle via spouse/partner, inheritance, sales of previous business, etc … this upward growth should be envisioned by all business owners.  True, certain businesses may not ‘scale’, but in general ‘more wealth’ is an obvious conclusion.

Companies are in business to provide you with a standard of living.  You decide if you want to be an Owner or an Employee.  And that sets the course for your Wealth Management, and your associated team.  Feel free to enter your Postal Code into the Wealth Professional Locator on the website and connect with the appropriate professionals.  There will also be a blog section on this website that may delve into a few of the more esoteric scenarios (foreign investments, dividends and real estate).  Or connect directly with via email if you require immediate help.

We encourage you to further your learning  and work through the free  Canadian Investors’ Course which you can link to through  This course will help you understand the investment and liquidity options available to you via ownership of securities.  Diversifying through multiple assets can help guard against outliving your assets.

You are a Business Owner and Owners Win.  Congratulations again for being a Business Owner.